We create bespoke travel plans for awe-inspiring destinations, with luxury that transcends imagination. From jaw-dropping vistas to serenity, from untouched beaches to stunning boutique resorts.

Fine Dining

Experience the best in fine dining around the world, from hidden gems and Michelin stars to private meals in intimate settings. If a restaurant has a wait-list, don’t worry, we get you in.

Prepare to embark on
an extraordinary journey

Where the realms of possibility unfold before you like a magnificent tapestry. SOAR Luxury stands as the unrivaled pioneer of luxury lifestyle management, transporting you to a realm where dreams become reality. With our commitment to excellence, we have mastered the art of bespoke concierge service, curating experiences that transcend imagination and sharing with our fellow travelers the keys to the inaccessible.



Adrenalin churning championships, once in a lifetime sporting events, meeting your heroes up close; we can make it all happen. Cricket World Cup Finals, the Championships, Formula One in Monaco, Six Nations Rugby, FIFA World Cup, we can get you there in style.

Music and

From heart thumping concerts to iconic music festivals,
from visual extravaganzas to private viewings, from intimate soirees to global pow-wows, we open doors to some of the world's most sought after events!