Employment rates for airline and commercial pilots are expected to rise by 6% in the ten years between 2021 and 2030.

Despite this rise in employment, practical considerations such as compensation and flying hours play a large role in determining the success of a career in aviation.

Additionally, to pursue a career in the aviation industry, you will have to undergo rigorous and specialized training from passing written exams to undertaking practical training, pilots must be equipped with extensive knowledge to succeed in this industry.

In most cases, if you are a licensed pilot, you can expect a promising career with appealing perks and compensation packages. 

With that said, how much do private pilots make?

While some private pilots pursue this career purely out of a love for flying, many choose it for the high rates of compensation.

To understand how much private pilots make, let’s start with a comprehensive overview of what it truly means to be a pilot in terms of passion and compensation.

We will bring you all the information about what a private pilot is, describe the difference between a private and commercial pilot, and explore the salary range of a private pilot.

What Is A Private Pilot?

An aviation specialist with private aviation certification is known as a private pilot.

This certification authorizes a pilot to fly private aircraft solo or with other passengers.

As a private pilot, you will be trained to operate smaller aircraft, aircraft manoeuvres, global flight planning, and emergency procedures.

Once you are familiar with the intricacies of the aviation industry, you can carve your path to becoming a commercial pilot and get your hands on a steady flow of income by flying for individuals, private companies, and events.

Understanding The Difference Between Private Pilots And Commercial Pilots

Pilots play a pivotal role in connecting people across the globe with safety and luxury.

However, not all pilots work under the same conditions and job roles. Your operational framework depends on whether you are a commercial or private pilot.

Here’s a distinction between private and commercial pilots to give you a comprehensive understanding of each role.

1. Licensing And Training Requirements

A private pilot has to complete a minimum of 40 hours of flying time, which should consist of 20 hours of solo flight.

Commercial pilots must complete at least 250 hours of flight time, including 100 hours of solo flight time.

Along with minimum flight hours, commercial and private pilots must undergo a medical, practical and written examination.

2. Flight Hours Limitation

Private pilots cannot fly above a certain number of hours, but flight hours limitation do not apply to commercial pilots.

For instance, private pilots can only fly in specific airspace, such as Class A airspace ( above 18,000 feet only), whereas commercial flights have the flexibility to fly in any airspace.

3. Flight Authorization And Type Rating

Private and commercial pilots differ in their eligibility to fly a certain type of aircraft.

Private pilots are only qualified to fly small single-engine aircraft. 

Commercial pilots can choose to fly a wide range of aircraft, including jet and multi-engine aircraft.

With the required type rating certification, commercial pilots can fly a specific aircraft set for which private pilots are ineligible. Private pilots do not require any such certification for flying a private aircraft.

How Much Do Private Pilots Make: A Comprehensive Insight

If you are interested in pursuing a career as a private pilot, navigating the economic landscape is crucial to see if it will be the right choice for your passion as well as your pocket.

As a private pilot, you will be flying in a specific niche of the aviation industry, so what might your compensation look like?

How much do private pilots make?

While private pilots are not eligible to make money with a private pilot certification, commercially licensed pilots who fly private jets for individuals and businesses receive compensation!

Let’s discuss private pilot salaries to understand if recreational and personal corporate flights translate into a steady flow of income.

  • Private Pilot Average Salary

Are you curious about the average salary of a private pilot?

According to a survey by Indeed, an online job search platform, experienced or senior pilots make up to 31% higher than the UK’s national average salary based on pilots in London who make around £48,121 per year.

This suggests that the average salary of a private pilot varies with experience and seniority; the greater the experience, the higher the compensation. 

  • Starting Salary Of A Pilot

Wondering how much private pilots make during their first year?

You can earn anything from £40,000 – £60,000 in your first year as a pilot in the UK.

This overall compensation excludes flight pay, around £25 per hour. Therefore, your total salary will be greater than your fixed monthly salary.

You can expect to earn over £60,000 a year in your first year, an excellent starting salary national UK standards.

  • Breaking It Down In Monthly, Weekly, And Hourly Earnings

Analysing salary data for private pilots in the United Kingdom as of August 16, 2023, we find that the average individual earns £52,297 annually. 

If we break it down into smaller chunks, this decodes to £4,358 monthly, £1,006 weekly, and £25.84 hourly.

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